This six-hour certification preparation class includes a four-hour review and a two-hour exam covering ESCO EPA Section 608 Review & Testing material.

Class participants will be given an extensive review of the Section 608 preparatory manual and practice questions.

Participants desiring the best results are STRONGLY encouraged to download and study the Preparatory Manual and take the online quizzes beforehand. Passing Rate is far higher for participants who chose to study and take online practice quizzes prior to class compared to participants who didn’t.

Preparatory Material and Quizzes:

Online practice quiz for Section 608 Review & Testing

The Exam will be taken online on laptops provided by Fissco Supply. The ESCO EPA Section 608 Exam results will be available immediately upon completing the exam. (Please do NOT bring any laptops or tablets to the class.)

General and Payment Information:

Contact Amanda Hanley at [email protected] for general questions/information as well as payment for your test. Payment is required beforehand to officially reserve a seat for your selected testing date.

Instructor Information:

Contact Course Instructor Matt Bennett at [email protected] for additional information, help or questions.

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Payment is required beforehand to officially reserve a seat for your selected testing date.

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ESCO EPA Section 608 Review & Testing Details

EPA Section 608 Review & Testing Schedule:

North Dallas

Wed. Dec 20th, EPA Class/Test

Tues January 9th, EPA Class/Test

Thurs January 18th, EPA Class/Test

Thurs February 22nd, EPA Class/Test

Wed April 10th, EPA Class/Test

North Ft. Worth

Fri. Dec 22nd, EPA Class/Test

Wed. January 10th, EPA Class/ Test

Tues January 23rd, EPA Class/Test

Tues February 27th, EPA Class/Test

Thurs April 11th, EPA Class/Test


Thurs.  January 11th , EPA Class/ Test

Wed. January 24th, EPA Class/ Test

Wed. February 28th, EPA Class/ Test

Tues. April 16th, EPA Class/ Test


Tues. January 16th, EPA Class/ Test

Thurs. January 25th, EPA Class/ Test

Thurs. February 29th, EPA Class/ Test

Wed. April 17th, EPA Class/ Test


Wed. January 17th,  EPA Class/Test

Tues. January 30th, EPA Class/Test

Tues. March 5th, EPA Class/Test

Thurs. April 18th, EPA Class/Test

Run Time:

8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

EPA Section 608 Review & Testing Cost:


EPA Section 608 Review & Testing Retake Cost: