Heat Pump Install/SVC Training signup has begun!

This is a six-hour class that includes hands-on-practical application in the principles of of Install/Service troubleshooting techniques for Heat Pump.

Heat Pump Install/SVC Training Classes will not be open to the public. Must be a Fissco Supply Customer.

The content for this class will include:

• Heat Pump Sequence of Operation

• Understanding Equipment Data Plates

• Measuring & Verifying Correct Refrigerant Pressures

• Measuring External Static Pressure

• Line and Control Voltage Wiring

•  Introduction to Circuit Board Diagnostics

• Preventive Maintenance procedures

General and Payment Information:

Contact Amanda Hanley at [email protected] for general questions/information as well as payment for your test. Payment is required beforehand to officially reserve a seat for your selected testing date.

Instructor Information:

Contact Course Instructor Matt Bennett at [email protected] for additional information, help or questions.

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Payment is required beforehand to officially reserve a seat for your selected testing date.

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Heat Pump Install/SVC Training Class Details

Heat Pump Install/SVC Training Class Schedule:

Heat Pump Install/SVC signup has begun!

North Dallas

Fri. Dec 8th, Heat Pump

Wed January 31st,  Heat Pump

Tues March 19th, Heat Pump

North Ft. Worth

Tues. Dec 12th, Heat Pump

Thurs. February 1st, Heat Pump

Wed. March 20th, Heat Pump


Wed. Dec 13th, Heat Pump

Tues. February 6th, Heat Pump

Thurs. March 21st, Heat Pump


Fri. Dec 15th, Heat Pump

Wed. February 7th,  Heat Pump

Tues. March 26th, Heat Pump


Tues. Dec 19th, Heat Pump

Thurs. February 8th, Heat Pump

Wed. March 27th,  Heat Pump

Run Time:

8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Heat Pump Install/SVC Training Class Cost: